HashGuardians — arriving on the Cardano Blockchain.

About the HashGuardians

HashGuardians is an NFT collectible on the Cardano blockchain. There will be 10,000 unique HashGuardians to collect (see more details below). Each HashGuardian is an on-chain minted NFT that is only owned by you. If you are new in the NFT world or have questions about HashGuardians, feel free to ask us anything on Discord or Twitter.

Different Types, Different rarities

  • Types of Species: We will create different randomized types of species (Western, Fantasy, Cyberpunks etc.)
  • Types of Gadgets: A huge number of different gadgets for every species await you (Weapons, Shields, Helmets etc.)
  • Types of Backgrounds: There are many different types of backgrounds with different rarities and artworks.

About the Golden Tickets

The Golden ticket is our way to say THANK YOU to the community.

Got Questions? Come and join the conversation!

HashGuardians can be found across social media and in our Discord channel. Join the community now for the latest news, questions and for friendly banter!



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Welcome to the HashGuardians! 10,000 unique NFT's with randomized styles and gadgets